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A list of abbrevations, acronyms and other phrases used among the Twilight Princess community.

Abbrevation Description
LLC Long Lantern Cave/Lake Lantern Cave/Lanayru Lantern Cave
LB (LBT) Lakebed Temple
PoT Palace of Twilight
HC Hyrule Castle
SPR Snowpeak Ruins
ToT Temple of Time
UZR Upper Zora's River
ZD Zora's Domain
CitS City in the Sky
CoO Cave of Ordeals
AG Arbiter's Grounds
FT Forest Temple
GM Goron Mines
HF Hyrule Field
NHF/NLF/LMF Northern Hyrule Field also known as North Lanayru Field or Lanayru Main Field.
EHF/EMF Eastern Hyrule Field more commonly known as Eldin Main Field.
CT Castle Town
OCT The outer field area of Castle Town which there are three different sections: West, South, and East.
HV Hidden Village
Rang (Gale) Gale Boomerang
B&C (BaC, BnC) Ball and Chain
EB Hidden Skill #1: Ending Blow also referred to as Finishing Blow.
BS Hidden Skill #3: Backslice
HS Hidden Skill #4: Helm Splitter.
MD Hidden Skill #5: Mortal Draw
JS Hidden Skill #6: Jump Strike
GS The final hidden skill Great Spin.
HP/HC (PoH) Heart Piece or Piece of Heart (1/5) / Heart Container
GB Golden Bug
ZA Zora Armor
MA Magic Armor
MS/LS Master Sword / Light Sword (also known as Butter Sword)
Tricks & Glitches
LJA Long Jump Attack (often with the Gale Boomerang)
EMS Early Master Sword
EBF Early Boss Flags sometimes referred to as Early Boss Fights which automatically skips the cutscenes where midbosses or bosses would come into scene and has other effects.
MB Moon Boots (swapping from heavy state to non heavy state to gain extra height)
OoB Refers to the negative space that exists beyond the boundaries of the intended playing area often associated with Link's horse Epona.
DSS Refers to a technique that when performed, skips the Death Sword fight in Arbiter's Grounds.
MDH Midna's Desperate Hour
Creatures & Mobs
Hugo Hugo is the name of the bulblin in the Ordon Spring area after the Sewers section (Wolf introduction).
SB Shadow Beast
KB (KB1, KB2, KB3 ...) King Bulblin; the number refers to the n'th appearance/fight.
Jake Name of the Helmasaur that helps Link jump really far in Lakebed Temple.
Remi A friendly ally of cheese who prefers to hide in a suit of armor in Hyrule Castle.
Randomizer Terms
ToD Time of Day refers to the option to quickly advance time forward akin to Sun's Song.